Scroll To Top

1. What is Scroll To Top?

Scroll To Top is a browser extension available for all major browsers. You can install it for your favorite browser with just one click. It adds an image at the bottom-right corner of your browser screen in case the page is scrollable, clicking on that will take you to the top of the page. Of course you can configure the location of the icon. You can customize almost all aspects of this extension and yeah also it provides lots of features to make scrolling interesting, just go to settings page anytime. I've worked really hard to make it simple, safe, and 100% free.

2. Why do I need Scroll To Top?

Well it will give you a nice ergonomic experience on day to day browsing.

3. How do I install Scroll To Top?

Go to home page, scroll to install section. Now click on your browser icon where you want to install it. The click will take you to the respective market place from where you can easily install it.

4. Is it 100% Free?

Yes! Scroll To Top is 100% free. Although you can donate some amount for its progress if you like to.

5. How to report a bug?

Use this link to report a bug, kindly mention the browser name. Many thanks.

6. How to request a feature?

Use this link to request a feature.