Scroll To Top

1. One click scrolling

It is convenient and easy, you need to just click once and you will be at the top of the page (of course to the bottom too). It saves a lot of effort while you are browsing with your mouse.

2. Pager Inbuilt

Scroll pages up and down with one click.

3. Highly Customizable

Any aspect of Scroll To Top can be configured using settings window. From scrolling speed to the size and type of the icon, you can configure anything.

4. Personalization

Reflect your style with the icons provided in the settings page. You can also upload your own icon.

5. Mobile Support

Scroll To Top is available as an add-on on Firefox for Android. You can install it there and enjoy one touch scrolling to the top. The mobile version is optimized for mobile devices. I've built it taking into consideration the valuable real estate of screen.

6. Works Everywhere

It works almost everywhere on the internet. There will some or other exceptions for which it will fail or doesn't show properly.

7. Completely Free

Scroll To Top is and will always be 100% free. So that everyone get the best of it. If you like it you can support the development by donating.

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