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Changes in Version 4.7.5:

  • Dual Arrow issues has been fixed, including issue 58.
  • Fixed jQuery related issues on Options page.

Changes in Version 4.7:

  • Common
    • The issue 56 with Base64 Image has been fixed.
    • Upgraded to latest jQuery version.
  • Chrome
    • Migrated to new API to store settings in cloud.
    • The settings will now be synced across your devices, via Chrome Sync.
    • Only "Use my icon" setting will be stored locally due to storage API size quota limitation.
  • Firefox
    • Upgraded the addon to the new supported WebExtensions.
    • The settings will now be synced across your devices, via Firefox Sync.
    • The settings will be reset as the underlying architecture is completely changed in WebExtensions.
  • Opera
    • Migrated to new API.
    • Since cloud storage is not supported on Opera, settings will be stored in local computer only.

Changes in Version 4.6 (Chrome & Opera):

  • Upgraded under the hood core API.

Changes in Version 4.5.5 (Firefox Only):

  • Migrated to new JPM framework for better stability. Click here to read more on Firefox JPM.

Changes in Version 4.5.2:

  • Removed tabs permission for Chrome and Opera release, as part of this removed one small feature. Click here to read more on permission issue.

Changes in Version 4.5.1:

  • Fixed settings page issue in latest Firefox releases.
  • Fixed settings page issue in latest Chrome and Opera releases.

Changes in Version 4.5:

  • Icon will not be printed, when you print the page.
  • Firefox private browsing enabled.
  • New fresh icons added.
  • Options Page UI overhaul.
  • Many more minor and stability fixes.

See blog post for discussions.

Changes in Version 4.4:

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Minor Options page UI changes.

Changes in Version 4.3:

  • Control the transparency of the icon.
  • Enjoy all icons in Black & White. (Not available on Firefox & Opera)
  • Pollable scroll to downward button when you are in-between of a page.
  • Export & Import your settings from one browser to other.
  • Complete restructuring of the code, moved to ANT based building system.

See blog post for discussions.

Changes in Version 4.2:

  • Brand new Smart Direction Mode, learn more.
  • Auto Hide mode for taking screen shots and printing.
  • Change horizontal/vertical offset of the addon.
  • Now you can give a list of website on which you don't want this addon to load.
  • Memory optimization.
  • Now see less cluttered Options UI with a switch to show Advanced Options.
  • Rewritten whole code for best performance.
  • Visibility setting has been reset to Auto Hide.

See blog post for discussions.

Changes in Version 4.0:

  • Flip between Scroll Up and Scroll Down based on the current location.
  • New Icon Gallery for Dual Arrow.
  • Arrange Dual Icons in Horizontal or Vertical arrangement.
  • New icons for Single arrow.
  • Pause anywhere by clicking on the same icon when scrolling.
  • Open Settings page in a convenient way.
  • Refactored the code to give faster performance.

See blog post for discussions.

Changes in Version 3.7:

  • Dual Arrow Support
  • New and refreshing icons in the library
  • Middle position added for locations
  • Revamped interface of Options page
  • More options in the Options page
  • Multiple stability fixes
  • Bug fixes
  • Code refactoring

See blog post for discussions.

Changes in Version 3.6:

  • added icon gallery to choose other icons
  • now user can upload there own icon to scroll
  • removed support for internal frames and iframes
  • fix for a severe bug, which comes into play when user is typing in any html editor
  • new options page for Safari browser
  • lots of other stability fixes
  • code refactoring

See blog post for discussions.

Changes in Version 3.5:

  • multiple stability changes for iFrames
  • new intelligent logic for the icon
  • totally new options page for settings
  • customizable scrolling speed, visibility, and control options
  • refactoring and other fixes

Changes in Version 3.0:

  • Reworked on the UI, now only single icon will appear until user moves his/her mouse over it.
  • Added Pager to the controls, to navigate in the page.
  • Special handling of iFrames and frames.
  • Code refactoring done, now browser specific methods are in one file
  • Various stability fixes

Changes in Version 2.5:

  • Added pager for page up and page down. It is in beta mode for now.
  • Refactored the application code
  • One UI fix

Changes in Version 2.1:

  • Critical bug fixes
  • Various stability fixes

Changes in Version 2.0:

  • Added scroll to down button.
  • Added clear button so that user can remove this widget for a while.
  • Pause while scrolling.
  • New animations added.
  • Other bug fixes.

Changes in Version 1.1:

  • Upgraded the scrolling logic to use jQuery, which is more robust.
  • Now the default location of the icon will be at Bottom-Right corner.
  • Added Preferences so that user can choose where the icon should appear.
  • Added preference to choose the icon size.
  • Other bug fixes.

Report an Issue / Request a Feature using this link. In case you are reporting an issue, kindly mention the browser name. Many thanks.